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Lip Balm Express continually monitors product quality to deliver only the very best for consumer benefit. All product information, manufacture name, website and phone number along with the ingredients appears on the label for consumer product information. Each tube contains 4.0 grams nt. wt.

Our lip balm has a shelf life of 9 months due to it being Organic and not having any preservatives added to the ingredients.

*Lip Balm Express does not test on any animals.

Natural Organic Lip Balm

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All of your order information is strictly confidential and encrypted and not accessible to anyone outside of Lip Balm Express. We use leading industry technology to ensure maximum credit card safety. Read our privacy policy HERE.


Our Label Design Wizard gives you easy private label creation right at your desktop. You can see the container and label design on you browser. Additional order and design help is always available, just contact us at: sales@lipbalmexpress.com